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The German Digital Healthcare Association bundles expertise & interests of all associations, organisations and companies in the field of digital healthcare (eHealth).

Each ordinary member has one vote in the members’ assembly – regardless of its size. Only together can we finally help eHealth achieve a breakthrough in Germany. Therefore: Join now!

This is how it works

Types of membership

Ordinary membership can be acquired by companies,

Supporting membership may be granted by the Board of Directors upon application for:

  1. who provide essential services directly as their own e-health revenue for immediate use by patients.
  2. whose products or services are substantially supported by digital health services for direct use by patients, without generating genuine e-health revenues themselves.
  3. Ordinary membership can also be acquired by business associations that are active nationwide in the field of e-health and the digitalisation of medicine with offers that are intended for direct use by patients and represent provider interests.


  1. Companies and organisations that do not fulfil the statutory requirements for ordinary membership,
  2. regional associations that are not active nationwide,
  3. individual natural persons who are merchants or freelancers (independent entrepreneurs) and who do not at the same time hold a position in a company to which membership is granted in accordance with § 3 item 3. l would be open.

Statutes & Rules of Contribution