Digital care applications

With the draft law on the digital modernisation of care and nursing (Digitale Versorgung und Pflege-Modernisierungs-Gesetz – DVPMG), the first steps have been taken to make digital innovations and their benefits also accessible in the nursing environment. In order to sustainably integrate digital care applications (DiPA) as a sustainable component in care, transparency and openness are now required in the definition and design of the specifications.

As an association that represents the common interests of providers of digital healthcare services, we see ourselves as a spokesman vis-à-vis politicians, authorities and other stakeholders when it comes to defining guard rails for digitally-supported, future-proof care.

DiPA producers in the association

DiPA producers in the association

Ecaria GmbH

Ecaria: Your digital care manager – Quick and easy support and empowerment for family caregivers GmbH Personal digital care assistant to relieve relatives, care insurers and service providers.

HerzBegleiter GmbH & Co. KG

HerzBegleiter: intelligent SMART CARE MOBILITY and tele – care counselling nationwide. Care recipients and relatives smartly integrated in one app.

LIFEBONUS Gesundheitsmanagement GmbH

LIFEBONUS: The first digital coach, with integrated online movement analysis, in the field of workplace health promotion for care workers.

Lindera GmbH

Lindera Mobility analysis per App

Nui Care GmbH

Nui, the digital companion for family carers