Board of Directors

The Board of Directors acts in an honorary function. It conducts the business of the association and is responsible for all matters that are not assigned to the general meeting.

Members of the Executive Board 2021-2023

Daniel Nathrath


Daniel Nathrath is CEO and co-founder of Ada Health, an AI-powered health platform that helps people around the world to better understand their symptoms and find the right next steps for treatment. After studying law as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Houston, Daniel Nathrath earned his MBA at the University of Chicago and then focused on management consulting at BCG. During his career, Daniel has built and led various internet start-ups in Denmark, Germany, the UK and the US, eventually becoming co-founder of Ada.

Diana Heinrichs

1. Vice Chairwoman of the Board

Diana Heinrichs is CEO and founder of Lindera. With her team, she has developed AI-based movement analyses for the prevention of falls in care and the digitalisation of orthopaedic assessments. Previously, she worked for six years at Microsoft Germany as PR Professional and Business Development Manager.
Diana Heinrichs studied linguistics at the interface with psychology at the universities of Bonn, Florence and Oxford and completed an MBA at the University of St. Gallen.

Henrik Emmert

2. Vice Chairman of the Board

Henrik Emmert is co-founder and CEO of aidhere GmbH, a digital health company founded in 2019. The first product of aidhere GmbH is the digital obesity therapy “zanadio”. In November 2020, the programme was one of the first applications to be approved by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices as a Digital Health Application (DiHA) and included in the list of prescribable products.
Previously, the industrial engineer was a principal at the Boston Consulting Group, advising international companies in the healthcare sector.

Nora Blum

Board Member & Treasurer

Nora Blum is CEO and co-founder of Selfapy, which offers online programmes for mental illness. She studied psychology at the University of Cambridge and worked in various psychiatric and psychotherapeutic practices, gaining insight into the care of people with mental illness. Driven by the desire to improve care, she joined company builder Rocket Internet to learn business building. With Selfapy, she is pursuing her goal of fundamentally changing the healthcare system with the help of digitalisation.

Dr. Julian Braun

Board member

Dr iur. Julian Braun joined the SVDGV Board in 2019, where he is responsible for all health law issues. In this role, he also co-led the negotiation for 13 manufacturers’ associations in the negotiation of the DiGA framework agreement together with Anisa Idris. As General Counsel Medical Law at Ada Health GmbH, Julian Braun focuses on emerging international legal issues that affect Ada GmbH’s global business and play a role in the regulatory area of medical device software and artificial intelligence. In addition, advising on digital health and health insurance law issues is another focus of his work.

Dr. Paul Hadrossek

Board member

Dr Paul Hadrossek is a dentist and digital entrepreneur. After working as a research assistant and senior physician at Münster University Hospital and setting up a dental care centre, his path led him to Berlin at the beginning of 2017 to oversee the founding and development of the digital health platform Heartbeat Labs. At the end of 2017, he founded the telemedicine start-up Kinderheldin together with Heartbeat Labs.
Based on his personal experience in various care structures of the healthcare system, in the start-up scene, from an investor’s perspective and as a founder, Dr.Hadrossek supports medical colleagues and companies in the healthcare sector with his expertise in the implementation of innovations, digital business models and digitalisation strategies in addition to his work as founder & CEO of Kinderheldin.

Anisa Idris

Board member

Anisa Idris joined the SVDGV in 2020 and deals with patent and reimbursement law issues. In this role, she also co-led the negotiation for 13 manufacturer associations in the DiGA Framework Agreement negotiation with Julian Braun.
With her team at Ada Health, Anisa works on global reimbursement strategies, taking into account medical device law issues. She has 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical management, including her previous role as Director for Digital Innovation & Performance, where she was responsible for the strategic direction of all digital activities of the individual Novartis Pharma national companies in the European region of Novartis Pharma AG and led the health care management contracting of Novartis Pharma in Germany.